Video Feature: Nicholas Wells’ “Empty Coffee Cups

September 23, 2015 - Stephen Vicino - Music Existence

Nicholas Wells proves to be a singer-songwriter with a heart of gold in his newest video for “Empty Coffee Cups.” At first appearing to be a simple video, with just Wells sitting as his piano, the piece quickly transforms into an artistic and visual endeavor. 
The imagery of the video stands out tremendously as his vocals evoke a very haunting emotion that sets the tone of “Empty Coffee Cups.” One element that definitely stands out is the performance of the young women performing a ballet-style dance. She blends perfectly with the overall spirit of the video; simple, yet captivating. Clearly playing each other’s love interest in the video, their subtle acting intrigues with intricate hints of lust and adoration weaved throughout. “Empty Coffee Cups,” also shows the gorgeous tones of Wells’ vocals and piano playing abilities, providing an ideal backdrop for the video. 
Wells is no stranger to music, as he has been honing his passion since a young age. Releasing his first album at the age of 17 in 2005, his upcoming record, Stumbling Forward, will no doubt show an artist that has grown in his musical writing and mindset. “Empty Coffee Cups,” is just a taste of what Wells has to offer, as his musical maturity is that of a seasoned songwriter. 
Stumbling Forward will be available October 6th.

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