Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Wells And "Stumbling Forward"  

Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Wells And "Stumbling Forward" 11-11-2015 - Carriage House Studios Blog - Kerry Erlanger     

Last year, Carriage House Studios engineer Mikhail Pivovarov was driving home from the grocery store when he got a call from Nicholas Wells. The two had recently completed mixing Wells' latest album, a project that was already a year in the making. He said, ‘I wrote this new song, it's fantastic,’" explained Pivovarov, who listened intently as Wells sang him a verse over the phone. They…

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Video Feature: Nicholas Wells’ “Empty Coffee Cups 

September 23, 2015 - Stephen Vicino - Music Existence

Nicholas Wells proves to be a singer-songwriter with a heart of gold in his newest video for “Empty Coffee Cups.” At first appearing to be a simple video, with just Wells sitting as his piano, the piece quickly transforms into an artistic and visual endeavor. 
The imagery of the video stands out tremendously as his vocals evoke a very haunting emotion that sets the tone of “Empty Coffee Cups.” One element that definitely stands out is the performance of…

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