My Christmas EP 

Happy Holidays! Incase you didn't know, I have a Christmas EP, with two original songs! I hope that they may brighten your holiday. Click below to listen to it anywhere you'd like!

Also, be sure to enjoy the music videos!

10 Year Anniversary 

Today is the TEN YEAR anniversary of my album "Something To Believe In!" I can't believe how the time has passed, but looking back through the years at all that's changed in my life, all of you I've come to know, the new songs, videos, adds up. Releasing this album was one of the most special and exciting moments in my life. I'm celebrating with a listen all the way through!


Two virtual concerts scheduled for this week 

This Friday, August 14th, I'll be performing via live-stream from my studio, twice! I've tried to choose two times that I think will accommodate most of your time zones. All times below are in Eastern Time. Mark your calendars!




New Cover Song 

I JUST released a new cover song performance on YouTube: "I Can't Make You Love Me," by Bonnie Raitt. I've loved this song for a while - it really paints such a vivid emotional picture. Check it out on YouTube, and dive into the vast world of my cover songs!

Collab cover song - featuring piano and cello! 

I JUST released a new cover song that I'm particularly excited about! I set out to record a tender and emotional cover of the song "Yellow," by Coldplay. This song has always had a special meaning for me ever since I first heard it when I was thirteen. I feel that it's simple yet beautiful. 
While the original has more of a rock band feel, I took it in a different direction. I arranged it for piano, and collaborated with WORLD FAMOUS cellist, (and great friend,) Dave Eggar. Check it out below!

Also, theā€¦

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Upcoming Live-Streaming Concert 

This Saturday, April 18th at 3:30pm Eastern time, I will be performing live on YouTube from my studio! You can set a reminder or watch by clicking below:


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