Music Video: "My Whole Life Through" 

From my latest album comes this new music video, "My Whole Life Through." Watch as I conduct the string recording session for the song!


New Lyric Video: "For Now" 

I wrote this song after I spent a few months taking round-the-clock care of my cat Kate as she slowly went downhill due to FIP. She passed away in my arms, as I searched for her heartbeat. This is a very emotional song for me, and putting together this video still made me tear up. Here is the lyric video...


My Christmas EP 

Happy Holidays! Incase you didn't know, I have a Christmas EP, with two original songs! I hope that they may brighten your holiday. Click below to listen to it anywhere you'd like!

Also, be sure to enjoy the music videos!

10 Year Anniversary 

Today is the TEN YEAR anniversary of my album "Something To Believe In!" I can't believe how the time has passed, but looking back through the years at all that's changed in my life, all of you I've come to know, the new songs, videos, adds up. Releasing this album was one of the most special and exciting moments in my life. I'm celebrating with a listen all the way through!



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