Stripped Sessions Album Art

I'd like to shed a little light on some of the nuances of the album artwork inside of "Stripped Sessions." The handwriting on the right panel is taken from the original sheet of paper I wrote the lyrics of "Meant To Be" on. That's my writing from "in the middle of the night." The writing on the left panel was taken from an old school notebook, in which a writing assignment was to write a note to your future self. You can see the year is 2002. My handwriting reads "dear self, how are you? Have you written any song lately? I wish I could hear them..." All of this is superimposed over pictures I took looking down into a box of keepsakes and memories I have, filled with old hand-made albums of my music that I used to give out to my friends in High School, and my old lyric notebook that I'd carry around everywhere.
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