Till the end of Time

Nicholas Wells
Music Composition, Arrangement, Lyrics, Performance - Nicholas Wells


You fell, in love, And dragged me in with you. Happily, you and me, Shared dreams. And love wouldn't leave us, The magic remained. The happiness seized us, And bliss was attained. Now look, at you, Watch this moment die. Falling down, to the ground, I cry. Where did all the love go? Is it so hard to find? Why you aren't here I don't know. I want to press rewind. So tell me do you still care? Please hold me once again. All the tears I've caused I now share, I love you till the end of time. You are, so beautiful, I want to stay forever. Please don't deny, we've got to try, For us. I love the way you kissed me, Near the ocean's gentle roar. Listen to our hearts beat, I'm begging you for more. So show me all that magic, To cuddle once again. A broken heart is tragic, That's why I love you till the end of time. So let me, hold you, Like the way I used to. Let your eyes shine, look into mine, I love you till the end of time.