Suddenly Here

Nicholas Wells
Music and lyrics composed by Nicholas Wells. Also performed by Nicholas Wells


I’m suddenly here, I’m suddenly in your arms And I feel my dream wash away In the morning light you bring to me. Well here’s another day. I’m rollin around, I’m thinkin I’ll stay in bed Untill my stomach gets to my head. But we both know we’re wasting time, Still I wish you’d stay. Saying goodbye, closing the door, and watching you leave. Remember the snow? Remember the sound outside? I can still hear it hitting the glass. Remember how I held you close, and, Let midnight hours pass? I’m finally up, I’m watching the snow melt away, Cause the sun came around for today. You turn to me as you brush your hair and say, I wish that we could stay. Saying goodbye, you’re driving away, our weekend is through. But summer will come, the birds will return, and so will you. But I don’t cry as you let go of my hand. Cause I’ve got all the love I need in the love that we have planned. Saying goodbye, closing the door, and watching you leave. La da da da, …., La da da da, …..